Workshops & Deep Dives

To ready our clients, and to understand their needs, we offer a range of workshops and technical deep dives. We also draw on the most renowned contributors of open banking in the world today.

Analysis & Advice

We offer a range of analysis and advice for any of our clients’ unique situations. We look to understand where they currently are, and prepare a roadmap to take them to their desired levels of open banking readiness.

Products & Build

As well as our consultancy services, for a Financial Institution, big or small, looking to deliver on open banking, we offer a full-suite of FDX compliant white-labelled products and bespoke software builds.

Implementation & Review

Our consultancy and technical solutions ensures we implement the full data-sharing ecosystem needed to enable our clients to ready themselves for open banking at a pace which suits them.

Whitepapers & Presentations

As part of our work with the ‘Big Six’ banks in Canada, we deliver board level presentations and author whitepapers to the most senior levels. We work on a variety of topics and deliver to the highest quality.

Skills & Experience

Our range of skills and experiences position us to ensure all our clients reach their goals. Our team boasts a range of skills and experiences to include consultancy, management, product, design, technical, sales and strategy.

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Across the globe, open banking is fundamentally changing how consumers receive, and Financial Institutions deliver, financial services and its data. Working beyond compliance, the driving force is to unlock innovation and drive competition, to the benefit of all, and is accelerated with Caspian One Solutions with our wealth of expertise and delivery capabilities.​ Caspian One Solutions provide the full suite of consultancy and technology driven solutions to enable a full data-sharing open banking ecosystem for all our clients, both big and small.

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Caspian One Solutions is delighted to be attending the Momentum2022 in Vancouver, Canada, October 12th – 14th. James Bell, managing […]

Our History

Caspian One Solutions grew from a group of highly skilled, experienced and motivated team members who came together to enable Financial Institutions to work beyond compliance and see open banking as an opportunity to innovate and drive competition. The consultancy branched from Caspian One, headquartered in the UK, who are a skills and capabilities acquisition partner for clients in the FinTech and Broadcast Media technology industries. Caspian One has been offering their services for the past two decades, and since 2008 in North America, boasting Canadian clients such as TD, Scotiabank, CIBC and many more. 

Caspian One Solutions now supports some of the largest banks in Canada, with their client list growing, drawing on global expertise to ensure their clients deliver for open banking when Canada goes live in 2023. The consultancy has an exclusive North America partnership with Raidiam Services, who are responsible for implementing open banking, with their trust framework, to the UK, Australia and most recently Brazil. Raidiam Services and Caspian One are active members of the Financial Data Exchange (FDX).

Our Leadership Team

Our core leadership team has experience of working with a range of Tier 1 Financial Institutions and offers a rich blend of skills to include consultancy, entrepreneurial, product, innovation, design, research, management, technical delivery, sales and strategy.

Mike Elson

Managing Director

The successful Launch of Open Banking in the UK, has enabled Countries around the World to learn from the experience, and to derive best practice, as well as localisation. This is an exciting time to be involved in the Globalisation of Open Finance and the innovation it brings.

James Bell

Managing Partner, North America

Open Banking embraces the art of the possible, it empowers both innovation and creativity to serve everyone, whilst delivering the ultimate cross-selling capability enabling financial institutions to serve all.

Lewis Poe

Technical Director

Open Banking is powering a fundamental shift in how financial services are delivered. Consumers are now presented with limitless opportunities to control and improve their financial health.

Rebecca Harris

Product Owner

With the change open banking brings, it’s a wonderful opportunity to ensure customers receive more innovative financial services from the richness of the data they effectively own.

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